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Duygu Dincer



My work focuses on socio-emotional and existential aspects of high sensitivity. More specifically, I am interested in both existential issues such as authenticity, sense of uniqueness, and ontological well-being, and socio-emotional issues such as attachment processes, shame/guilt-proneness in highly sensitive people.

I am planning to expand my research to include developing life-skills programs for high sensitivity in children and adolescents. Also, I would like to develop educational modules for teachers and parents to use in supporting their children and students..

Besides that, I’m conducting research on relational self-change and inclusion of the other in the self (IOS) in romantic relationships. In my dissertation, I worked closely with Prof  Arthur Aron at UC Berkeley. So, I am also planning to research high sensitivity in the context of romantic relationships.

Discipline of research:
Counselling Psychology

Biruni University
Istanbul, Turkey