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Gulbin Sengul-Inal



My research interest in SPS has started by investigated how SPS affects close relationships, particularly relationship dynamics among married couples. My research has found that highly sensitive wives have a significant influence on their own as well as their husbands’ communication qualities (based on unpublished master thesis). This unique finding urged my interest towards discovering the unknowns of sensitive individuals, particularly those living in Turkish culture.

My past projects on SPS include Turkish adaptation of the HSPS and exploring the psychometric properties of the scale on Turkish samples, cross-sectional investigations of the proximal SPS correlates, and theoretical as well as the systematic review of the SPS research (the article that contributes to Turkish literature). I built on my background in psychological science and combined it with deep training in quantitative methodology and statistics. I have been affiliated as a doctoral research fellow at the University of Oslo since 2020.

Discipline of research:
Educational Sciences & Developmental Psychology

University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway