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Adult test results

Thank you for taking the sensitivity test for adults. Your score was

You are here on the Sensitivity Continuum

The test placed you at the lower end of the sensitivity spectrum, suggesting you fit best into the low sensitivity group, known as the “Dandelions”.

According to research studies, about 30% of the adult population fall into this category.

What does it mean to belong to the low sensitivity group?

People in the low sensitivity group are less influenced by both negative and positive experiences. For example, they are more resilient when facing adverse situations, but they also respond less strongly to positive experiences.

Given that people in this group are generally less affected by the quality of their environment, they have been compared to the “Dandelion”, a plant that is robust and grows well in many different places.

Realistic Dandelion Illustration 1284 21533

This means that you don’t get easily thrown off by stressful situations and are able to persist even when things are difficult. On the other hand, you may notice fewer details in your environment than others and tend to be less interested in arts or philosophical questions.

Please note that the outcome of this test may differ depending on other factors such as age, gender and nationality, especially if your score is close to another sensitivity group.