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Vantage sensitivity: Individual differences in response to positive experiences

Pluess, M., & Belsky, J. (2013), Psychological Bulletin, 139(4), 901-916. doi: 10.1037/a0030196

This paper introduces the concept of Vantage Sensitivity which is related to but different from Differential Susceptibility.

According to Vantage Sensitivity people differ significantly in their response to positive experiences: whereas some appear to benefit particularly strongly from positive experiences, others fail to do so.

Vantage Sensitivity differs from the related concept of Differential Susceptibility in that it only describes individual differences to positive experiences (it does not make predictions about the response to negative experiences).

Besides providing the theoretical foundation of the concept and delineating it from related constructs such as resilience, a range of studies are being reviewed that provide empirical evidence for Vantage Sensitivity.

These studies feature genetic, physiological and behavioural factors that have been shown to be associated with an increased responsivity to positive experiences.