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This page has been designed for researchers and practitioners interested in the temperament trait of sensitivity.

Alongside the opportunity to download sensitivity measures, it provides information on how to score, translate and adapt any of the measures into different languages.

Furthermore, it contains a selection of relevant papers on the topic of sensitivity and a Directory of Researchers.

In this section


There is a growing number of academic peer-reviewed papers that describe theories of sensitivity and report results of research studies on sensitivity.

Directory of researchers

Sensitivity is being investigated by researchers from many different countries. Here we provide a list of active researchers with information on their expertise.


Sensitivity can be measured easily with a range of questionnaires as well as observational assessment. Here we provide general information on the various questionnaires developed to measure sensitivity.

Participate in research

Research on sensitivity is only possible as long as people volunteer to participate in research studies. Here we offer opportunities to get involved in ongoing studies. Check back regularly for new studies.