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Candace Black



I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Dr. Theresa Betancourt’s Research Program on Children and Adversity at Boston College where I conduct research on refugee behavioral health with Somali Bantu and Bhutanese refugees in New England. I am particularly interested in the role of Environmental Sensitivity in biological embedding of stress, particularly with regard to biological aging and the pace of development among children and adolescents.

In 2021 I will begin a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Pluess where I will investigate differential susceptibility and developmental origins of health and disease among Syrian refugee children. In the long-term, I intend to apply what we know about biological embedding of stress to develop novel intervention pathways to “heal stress-exposed children from the inside out”.

Discipline of research:

Boston College
Boston, USA