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Helen Crosby

(MS Student)


I am currently carrying out a Masters research project looking at the experience of wellbeing in the workplace among Highly Sensitive Play Therapists.

My research aims to identify difficulties that Highly Sensitive Play Therapists experience in the workplace in relation to their mental and physical wellbeing as well as identifying what practices Highly Sensitive Play Therapists use to promote their own mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

In addition, I am interested to discover how working in different environments helps or hinders Highly Sensitive Play Therapists. I will be focusing on three different settings – schools, private practice and statutory settings such as Children’s social care or Children’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS in the UK).

While my research is specifically focused on Highly Sensitive Play Therapists, I am hopeful that the application of this work will be far wider.

Discipline of research:
Highly Sensitive Play Therapists in the Workplace

Leeds Beckett University
Chichester, UK