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Ju-Hyun Song



My main research expertise is on the development of emotion regulation and individual differences in resilience.

In approaching this research, I focus on person (i.e., intrapersonal characteristics) x environment (e.g., family interactions, traumatic life stress) interaction as well as within-personal interactions between emotional characteristics (e.g., callous-unemotional characteristics, fearful temperament, physiological measures of stress sensitivity) and social-cognitive characteristics (e.g., trust, ToM, emotion regulation strategies).

My next research goal is to understand the mediating and moderating role of environmental sensitivity in the link between adversity and social-emotional adjustment outcomes, and to examine whether there are differentially effective emotion regulation strategies for highly sensitive versus less sensitive individual in coping with high stress or adversity.

Discipline of research:
Child and Family Studies, Developmental Psychology

Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea (South Korea)