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Luisa Martinez



I am an Adjunct (Assistant) Professor in Marketing and Research Coordinator at IPAM Lisboa, Portugal. My research interests include the influence of color and sensitivity on organizational and consumer behavior, and my approach is interdisciplinary, as it incorporates diverse knowledge fields (e.g., management, marketing, psychology, education, design).

Recently, I have published an article about the moderating effect of high sensitivity on the attitude towards ads. Results showed that the HSP trait affects ads perception and leads to a negative reaction toward overstimulating advertisements.

At this moment, I am conducting research about the moderator effect of sensitivity towards light conditions affecting brand quality perception and satisfaction, in physical shops. It is my objective to further develop research in the sensitivity field, combining interdisciplinary fields such as psychology, marketing and management.

Discipline of research:
Marketing and Consumer Behavior

IPAM Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal